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Kohila is often used in folklore to say that kohila is good for people who quickly get angry. It’s a funny and healthy word in folklore. but, This word implies that it is beneficial for the disease called “moolaggaya“.

Leaves, Stem, Tubers are used. Young leaves and petioles are cooked and use as a vegetable and its medicinal. It is a very popular medicinal herb for digestive disorders among local people.

The stem is about 4 cm thick, spiny, creeping and upturning. Petioles are up to 1 m, with the persistent sheath to 20 cm. Leaf-blade is sagittate. Fruits are leathery and warty on top. The flower is protogynous. Fruits are leathery and are warty on top.

Kohila contains Energy, Protein, Fat, Carbohydrates, Fibre, Ash, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B3, Vitamin C, Calcium, Phosphorus.


01. Stimulate liver functions

It is suitable for liver conditions. Due to the high prevalence of fibre, it gives a good motion.

02. Helps to protect Intestines from toxin

Kohila reduces unnecessary toxins in the intestines. also, it is beneficial for curing other disorders in the intestines.

03. Reduces Bleeding

The tuber is used to reduce bleeding. It is used for many medical remedies in indigenous ayurvedic.

04. Increases appetite

It is very beneficial for appetite problems and that is mostly used to eat as sambal and curry.

05. Increases body weight

The compound of kohila helps to increase body weight. In past times, grandmothers are often said that they eat all the Kohila shared to strengthen the body. This means that they have knowledge of the medicinal properties of the foods they eat.

06. Reduces unusual urine output and burning sensation

One of the popular benefits among people is the ability to reduce the burning sensation. Also, It is beneficial, a person who has unusual urine output

07. Works against worms

I remember, This amazing herbal was prepared by my mom when I had worm effect in indigestion. It has the ability to expel worms.

08. Dysentery

Kohila is used to treat dysentery. It is frequently used in many herbal remedies.

09. Piles

Piles is also called as “Hemorrhoids“. It is a very frequent problem in the present. Many people suffer from this disease. Kohila is one of the most frequently used food for the disease among local people. Consuming Kohila regularly is one of the best foods to help prevent haemorrhoid at the beginning.

10. Reduces Rathpitha conditions

It is one of the most frequently recommended food to eat in rathpitha conditions. In rathpitha situations, people are usually irritable. When a person gets irritable, generally say in social, “It would be suitable to give you Kohlila.” but, That humorous word refers to medicinal properties of Kohila.

Local name: Maha kohila /Kohila / Engili kohila
English name: Lasia
Scientific name: Lasia Spinosa
Family name: ARACEAE

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