This amazing herbal food is also known as purple yam. It’s commonly known as “Raja ala” ( රාජ අල ) in Sri Lanka. ( also “dam ala” / dan dina ala ). It’s a

Since ancient times, paddy farmers, Cart drivers, carpenters, gem miners, masons, blacksmiths, toddy makers (coconut, palm, kitul), hunters, fishermen or whoever, have been accustomed to using “Bulath Wita” as an essential part of people’s

Solanum torvum is a bushy, erect and spiny perennial plant. There are two species that can be used as food. It’s commonly known as “Turkey Berry“. (i). Solanum torvum ( රට තිබ්බටු/ Rata Tibbatu

From ancient times, Sri Lankan people have been accustomed to drinking medicinal and delicious beverages. Mostly, They are prepared from herbs that can be found from the surroundings. The medicinal value of these is

By now, We know that the fruit, leaf, root, flowers and stem of the bael fruit tree are all used for medicinal purposes and for medicinal drinks. Also, Bael fruit tree leaves are the

Dry cough can be identified as a common health problem in everyday life. Most of the time, People use syrup or some antibiotics. Now a lot of people are trying to get away from

Ricinus commun is is a very valuable medicinal plant that is widely used in local medicine remedies. Its leaves, flowers, bark, seed and roots are used in medicines. It’s commonly known as castor oil

The passion plant, used as a fruit and food with many properties, has been in use since ancient times. The leaf of this plant is used for the preparation of medicinal meals, Known as

Pandanus amaryllifolius is a tropical plant and it’s widely used in Sri Lanka since ancient times, it is called “rampe” and it is grown almost in every household. It is like a long-standing Sri

Kevum is a very beneficial and essential Sri Lankan sweet of Sinhalese. It’s traditionally consumed during celebrations of Sinhala New Year. It’s also known as “oil cake”. We have heard in the folklore that

We have already published an article about the bael fruit tree and its properties. Bael fruit is one of the most important medicinal plants on earth. Almost every part is used for medicine. Today

A subtle allergy in the body can cause swelling. In such cases, we would like to offer a simple recipe for the treatment Using these natural herbal extracts can save your valuable body and


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