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Coscinium Fenestratum / False calumba / Veniwelgeta

Boiled false calumba has also been used in the past instead of drinking tea

Local People are still using veniwel geta for reducing the pain of the body for ancient times in Sri Lanka Anyone who works hard often drinks veniwel geta. Especially, Veniwel geta Increases immunity.

Increase Immunity to protect Yourself from Viruses

Its young trunk is covered with a thin yellow downy. 10 cm – 20 cm Large leaves about wide and round. Tapered sharply towards the apex. The leaf surface is shiny and smooth. The lower parts are covered with a yellow downy.

It has a prominent set of fibres and a long leaflet covered with a yellow downy. It grows in the low country wet zone forests of Sri Lanka as well as in the intermediate zone.


01. For normal fever and obsolete fever.

02. Suitable for malaria.

03. To control cholesterol.

04. Medicine for the thyroid gland.

05. A pain reliever.

06. Increases Immunity.

07. For wound healing.

08. Increases appetite.

09. Increases liver function.

10. Cleanses the blood.

11. Eliminates Oral Diseases.

12. Suitable for gum disease.

13. Known as a medication for toothache.

14. For beauty cosmetic purposes.

Scientific classification

Kingdom – Plantae
Clade – Tracheophytes
Clade – Angiosperms
Clade – Eudicots
Order – Ranunculales
Family – Menispermaceae
Genus – Coscinium
Species – C. Fenestratum
Binomial name – Coscinium Fenestratum

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