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Phyllanthus Emblica / Herbal Amla

Herbal Amla is a fruit rich in vitamin C. One of the most abundant of vitamin C among fruits, it contains about 250 – 1,800 mg of vitamin C per 100g of fresh fruit. It contains important antioxidants and polyphenols. You can prepare many different products from Herbal amla. Herbal amla is considered to have five flavours: bitter, astringent, honey, sour and salty.

If you use herbal amla daily, you can avoid infections

aloe vera benifits

1. Saves dental health

Eating Herbal amla daily can help prevent tooth cavities, gums and infections. Because of the antimicrobial properties of Herbal amla, it protects your oral health.

2. It heals skin burns

Herbal amla has the ability to heal skin burns due to sun exposure. They can be healed by blending the Herbal amla on the burn wounds.

aloe vera benifits

3. Makes digestion easier

Herbal amla has a special ability to improve the functioning of your digestive system and keep the digestive process well. It increases the body’s metabolic rate and reduces weight.

Herbal Amla - Important Herbal Fruit for humans

4. Improves the functioning of the stomach

Gastrointestinal disorders are very painful. Herbal amla has the ability to alleviate these conditions. Eating Herbal amla Drugs stimulates the secretion of hormones that reduce the acidity of the body.

Herbal Amla - Important Herbal Fruit for humans

5. Controls diabetes

Prescription Herbal Amla regulates your blood sugar concentration. Herbal amla can also lower blood cholesterol levels. Therefore, a prescription for preserving heart is good.

Herbal Amla - Important Herbal Fruit for humans

Amazing benefits of Herbal amla during pregnancy

Because of its medicinal properties, it is beneficial for pregnant women. Herbal amla is often said to be a good remedy for pregnancy complications.

Herbal Amla - Important Herbal Fruit for humans

06. Your feelings are positive

During pregnancy, feelings and thoughts change. The effect of hormones is one of the reasons. A little cause can get confusing and can even get you excited. So Herbal amla can alleviate these situations. It calms you down and calms you down.

Herbal Amla - Important Herbal Fruit for humans

7. Relieves constipation

Constipation is a common condition during pregnancy. Herbal amla contains fibre that facilitates digestion and relaxes the muscles, making it easier to go to the toilet. You feel comfortable with it.

Herbal Amla - Important Herbal Fruit for humans

8. Temporary diabetes mellitus

Insulin changes in the body during pregnancy can lead to diabetes. Herbal amla’s diabetic neuropathy does not cause this type of diabetes.

Herbal Amla - Important Herbal Fruit for humans

9. Reduce the risk of having children at an early age

Frequent eating of Herbal Amla reduces the risk of preterm infants and increases the intelligence of the newborn. After the baby is born, the mother can help with the production of breast milk.

Herbal Amla - Important Herbal Fruit for humans

10. Reduces chest inflammation and acidity

Hormonal action is common in inflammation and acidosis of the chest. Although this does not hurt, it is very difficult for the mother. But drinking Herbal amla juice is the solution.

Herbal Amla - Important Herbal Fruit for humans

11. Iron is perfect

Herbal amla is very beneficial for anaemia during pregnancy. It helps the body regulate haemoglobin and absorb iron because of its vitamin C content. This prevents gastric and constipation.

Herbal Amla - Important Herbal Fruit for humans

12. Protects against infections like UTI

Vitamin C in Herbal amla helps to fight infections. Herbal amla helps prevent urinary tract infections, especially during pregnancy.

Herbal Amla - Important Herbal Fruit for humans

Care should be taken.

● If medication is used to increase blood platelets, it is not advisable to use Herbal amla.

Herbal amla is not recommended by drug users for controlling blood clotting, nor for iron deficiency in the blood.

● Tuberculosis drug users should also not take Herbal amla.

● Although Herbal amla is effective in reducing body craving for diabetic patients, diabetes management has shown that it is not advisable for both drug users and insulin users.

Scientific classification

Kingdom – Plantae
Clade – tracheophytes
Clade – Angiosperms
Clade – Eudicots
Clade – Rosidd
Order – Malpighiales
Family – phyllanthaceae
Genus – Phyllanthus
Species – P. Emblica
Binomial name – Phyllanthus Emblica

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