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Since no drug has yet been found for the coronavirus, which is rapidly spreading around the world, One of the best ways to protect yourself is to increase immunity. Avoid artificial and fast foods and use immune-boosting foods.

Here are some of the Hela indigenous medicines that have been used to enhance the immunity of the body since ancient times. They can be used in preparing meals.

1. Coriander ( Sinhalese name – Koththamalli )

Coriander, contains high levels of nutrients, antioxidants, and antifungal properties. Coriander is full of antioxidants that demonstrate immune-boosting, anticancer, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective effects.

2. Aloe vera ( Sinhalese name – Komarika )

Enzymes contained in aloe vera also boost immunity. Aloe vera is classified as ‘gelatinous plant food’. The gel absorbs the toxins throughout the intestines and removes them through the colon. It cleanses and disposes of waste.

3. Fabaceae ( Sinhalese name – Ranawara )

That can be used in various ways as a dish, a drink or a cure herb. It boosts the immunity system in the body. Ranavara particularly helps to cure diseases of the urinary system.

4. King Coconuts ( Sinhalese name – Thambili )

King coconut water has been used in since ancient time for many diseases. King Coconut water is very beneficial medicinal drink and has Potassium, sodium, chloride, magnesium, ions and small amounts of natural sugars. Also, there are Manganese, iodine, sulfur, zinc, selenium, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin B and also micronutrients like C and E. If a high dose of western medicine is ingested, King coconut water can suppress its toxins.

5. Red Onion/ Shallot ( Sinhalese name – Rathu Lunu )

Red onion is effective for anaemia, exhaustion, bronchial complaints, flatulence, dropsy, urinary infection, rheumatism, diabetes, coughs, Asthma, Diarrhoea, Cholera, Headaches, Amenorrhoea, Pains, Inflammations, Earaches, Fever, Bronchitis, and gravel retention in urine

6. Garlic ( Sinhalese name – Sudu lunu )

It uses for pains, coughs, hypertension, haemorrhoids, swelling, nerve diseases, asthma in ayurvedic treatments. It helps to keep heart healthy and appetizer. Garlic contains compounds that help the immune system fight germs. It acts as a good antibiotic for the body which boosts immunity. It contains vitamin A, O2, protein, potassium, vitamin B, calcium, zinc and many other nutrients.

7. Ginger ( Sinhalese name – Inguru )

Ginger, used both as a food and as a medicine, is an aroma that has been cultivated in every garden in the past. Ginger has been widely used as a medication for various ailments, including fever, and as an aid, in alleviating allergies during cooking. It is an effective remedy for Thri-dosha ( watha, Pitha, Sema ). It is also used to relieve pain, swelling and cold, to stimulate nerves and nerves, and to improve appetite. The gingerol component of ginger has been proven to be a good drug for treating diabetes, cholesterol, rheumatism, weight loss, migraine, vomiting, allergies, blood clotting, obesity, etc. Ginger is a good antioxidant and immunity-boosting medicinal herbal.

8. Balipoovu ( Sinhalese name – Polpala )

In the past, our Sinhalese Vedas have used very often this herb to ease the pain by steam boiling and steaming in a pot. It’s very beneficial for boosting immunity. It also uses to cure diabetes, heart disease, malaria, headache, gonorrhoea. It has the ability to kill cancer cells. Polpala can act against a wide range of microbial.

9. Moringa/ Drumstick tree ( Sinhalese name – Weta Murunga )

Moringa is very rich in healthy antioxidants and bioactive plant compounds. Moringa leaves contain many vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B6, vitamin C, iron, riboflavin (B2), magnesium, vitamin A. It uses to cure Rheumatoid arthritis, Earaches, Skin diseases, Haemorrhoids, Hernia, Worm diseases, Pains, Swellings, Headaches, Eye diseases, Sciatica, Amenorrhoea, Snakebites, Paralysis, Osteoarthritis. It’s also an excellent natural herb to boost the immunity system.

10. Khomba/ Neem ( Sinhalese name – Bin Kohomba )

Kohomba is an indispensable remedy for hereditary indigenous medicine since ancient times. It is known for its cleansing and anti-poisoning properties. It Works against skin rashes, eye diseases, fever, haemorrhagic disease, diabetes. It also has Anti-cancer properties. The leaves, flowers, bones, roots, bark are all medicinal. It boosts resilience.

11. Honey ( Sinhalese name – Mee peni )

Honey is a unique gift from nature to mankind. It is widely used in hereditary indigenous medical treatments. It reduces body fat and beneficial for obese people. Carbohydrate, Protein, Amino Acid, Vitamin B2, B4, B5, B6, B11, B12, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Potassium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Selenium, Chromium, Flavonoids are contained in honey. It works as an antibiotic. It has antioxidant properties and helps control ageing. It cleanses the blood.

12. Herbal Amla ( Sinhalese name – Beheth Nelli )

Herbal Amla is the most popular vitamin C supplement. It contains important antioxidants and polyphenols. Herbal Amla is also known for its medicinal properties and all parts of it are medicinal. You can prepare many different products from herbal amla. It is also thought to have five flavours: bitter taste, astringent taste, honey taste, sour taste, and salty taste.

• Increases immunity • Dental Health • It heals skin burns • Improves the functioning of the stomach • Controls diabetes • Headache • To grow hair

13. Heart Leaved Mooseed (Sinhalese name – Rasakinda )

Rasakinda also is known as ”Amrutha” ( gods drink ) with a long history in indigenous medicines. There are 4 types of rasakinda used ( ගැට කිඳ, තිත්ත කිඳ, පිටි කිඳ, දික් කිඳ ) . A plant that has the value of boosting the person’s natural immunity. It helps to cure skin rashes and bleeds. Reduces the acidity of the stomach. Strengthens the body and causes hunger. Good for heart disease. Rasakinda is used to repair lost tissues

14. Atalantia Rotundifolia (Sinhalese name – Yaki Naran )

Yakinaran is an indispensable remedy for hereditary indigenous medicine and mantra science since ancient times. Leaves bark and flowers are used for medicinal purposes in hereditary indigenous medicines. It uses to cure Digestive ailments, Fevers, Coughs, Nervous system diseases. Also, It stimulates liver function. Its contain vitamins help to boost immunity.

15. False Calumba ( Sinhalese name – Weni Wel )

In the past, our villagers were familiar with the veni wel geta to use for reducing the pain of the body. Anyone who works hard often drinks veniwel geta for an ancient time in Sri Lanka. Veniwel geta Increases immunity. Balances body temperature. wounds heal. It uses to the health of the eyes, to fever, liver disease, malaria and improves metabolism.

16. Variegated Sweet Flag ( Sinhalese name – Wadakaha )

Wada kaha is widely used in traditional indigenous medical science. It is also beneficial to boost the immunity system. It has painkilling properties and is used in the treatment of epilepsy. It is also used to treat dysentery, fever, kidney problems, and some skin diseases.

17. Curry Leaves ( Sinhalese name – Karapincha )

We find curry leaves as a sweetener to flavour the food.  But curry leaves have many great qualities.  Curryleaves is very effective in many ailments.  Curry leaves have an amazing ability to control the following diseases. Diabetes management, Controlling bad cholesterol levels, Toxic compounds, Wound healing, Accelerates hair growth, Control of premature hair loss, Prevention of chronic diseases, Stress management, Morning discomfort during pregnancy, Weight loss, Immunity boosting.

18. Triphala / Chebulic Myrobalan, Baheda, Herbal Amla ( Sinhalese name – Aralu, Bulu, Nelli )

( Tri = Three and Phala = Fruits ) Triphala is one of the oldest and most powerful medicines which is used by all traditional physicians in their therapeutic practice. Triphala contains five tastes such as Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Pungent and Astringent. It also has some anti-cancer properties and immunity-boosting ability.

19. Beli Fruit (Sinhalese name – Beli)

Beli is a medicinal herb found in dry and intermediate areas of Sri Lanka and in central and low country areas. There is no disposable part of the Beli tree as a medicine. All parts of the tree’s roots, leaves, flowers, bark, nuts and berries are used as medicine.

1. Controls headaches.
2. Controls stomach cramps.
3. Relieves abdominal pain caused by worms.
4. Heals constipation.
5 Controls dehydration in the body.
6. The fight against the bacteria in the food pathway.
7. Prevents viral infections

8. Controls sweat and odour.
9. Antioxidant properties protect the skin.
10. Controls skin diseases.
11. Prevents skin cancer.
12. Used as a medication for sleeplessness.
13. Beneficial for dysentery.
14. Digestion works well.
15. Increases the body’s immune system.
16. Controls the temperature of the womb.

Indigenous Medicines That Protect Against Viruses - Asafoetida Perumkayam

20. Asafoetida Perumkayam / The Gods of Food

Recent studies have shown that Asafoetida inhibits the growth and reproduction of harmful viruses. also, It has been using for many medical remedies for ancient times. Also, Local people use Perumkayam these days to prevent coronavirus infection.

In addition, refer to meditation. Improving the level of spirituality is one of the main reasons for increasing the body’s immune system.

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