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Aloe vera can be used as a medicine and as a food. The most commonly used medicine is the aloe vera leaf with broad white foliage. Aloe juice is also a very important drink. It contains vitamins A, C, D and E as well as folic and niacin acids, minerals such as copper, magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc, sodium and iron, as well as amino acids.

The 15 medicinal properties of aloe juice

1. Treating constipation

Aloe is famous for its medicinal properties. People who suffer from constipation from time to time can use aloe juice as a natural laxative. The outer part of the plant contains anthraquinones, which have a laxative effect.

2. Provide Vitamin C

About 8 ounces of aloe juice contains 9.1 grams of vitamin C. This vitamin is essential for a person’s overall health. It is a natural antioxidant and helps fight inflammation.

3. Reduce gums inflammation

Aloe helps to reduce inflammation in the gums.

4. Regulation of blood sugar levels

Aloe vera may have “some potential benefit” in blood sugar management among people with pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes.

5. Preventing stomach ulcers

Supplements in aloe juice may have digestive benefits, such as reducing stomach ulcers and improving digestion.

6. To digest food

Drinking aloe juice is beneficial for the stomach and intestines that cause pain due to digestive disorders. It also contributes to constipation and dysentery and regulates the bowel movement in the intestines. Also, aloe vera reduces the harmful bacteria in the intestines.

7. Removal of poisons

Aloe vera is classified as ‘gelatinous plant food’. The gel absorbs the toxins throughout the intestines and removes them through the colon. It cleanses and disposes of waste.

8. Good for the mouth

Aloe gel helps to remove tooth glue from the toothpaste. Its antibacterial properties kill the bacteria and keep the mouth fresh. Aloe vera too high in vitamin C is important to protect the mouth from dental diseases.

9. Immunity enhancement

Enzymes contained in aloe vera also boost immunity. aloe vera can cure quickly who suffer sicks

10. Controls the temperature of the body

Aloe vera is a cooling agent. Therefore, drinking aloe vera helps to avoid heat. Aloe Vera is one of many ailments caused by body heat. In particular, aloe vera contains 20 of the 22 amino acids the human body needs. Aloe vera contains seven types of amino acids that the body cannot produce.

11. For sunburned skin

Aloe vera juice creates a moisturizer that protects against sunlight. The aloe juice acts as a protective layer to the skin as it prevents radiation from entering the skin.

12. To maintain moisture

Aloe vera is particularly popular as a moisturizing plant. Aloe vera juice is important in maintaining the moisture needed by eliminating dryness of the skin.

13. Infections and scratches

Aloe vera treats skin infections, inflammation, blisters and itchy skin. Also, aloe vera coating helps heal the scratches on the skin faster. And aloe vera also has the potential to eliminate scars.

14. To control the hair follicles

Aloe vera juice with vitamin E can be a great hair follicle. And aloe vera also has the potential to eradicate nausea. Using aloe juice as a shampoo. It avoids dryness of the skull.

15. Growing younger looks

Aloe vera has antioxidant, vitamin K. So it not only improves the colour of the skin but also minimizes ageing. Wrinkles on the face are also controlled.

In addition, aloe vera is useful for gastritis, jaundice, eye diseases, skin cancer, acne, and incurable wounds.

Scientific Classification

+ Kingdom – Plantae
+ Clade – tracheophytes
+ Clade – Angiosperms
+ Clade – Monocots
+ Order – Asparagales Family – Asphodelaceae
+ Subfamily – Asphodeloideae
+ Genus – Aloe
+ Species – A. Vera
+ Binomial name Aloe vera

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