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This plant is constantly used as an indispensable ingredient when used for eating betel by local people.

Instead of biting a chewing gum, hardworking people eat betel. For this betel mixture, People use ingredients such as areca nuts, betel leaf, tobacco, snap ginger, myristica fragrans, cloves and betel chalk. Eating betel without tobacco and betel chalk is beneficial for the body. But, Too much eating is not good for health.

Also, Snap ginger is used in indigenous medicines since ancient times. In many indigenous medicines, recipes have been included snap ginger as the main ingredient. We still use this amazing herb for many medical recipes.

It is a Rhizomatous herb and Leaf stem grows just over 1 m tall. Flowers usually born in pairs and can be seen in labellum white lined rose-purple. Its fruits are globose and colour in orange-red.


01. Uses as a remedy for colds and cough

02. Increases appetite

03. Facilitates digestion

04. Relieves muscle pain

05. Pain reliever

06. Uses as medicine for sexual dysfunction

Alpinia calcarata is used in treating diseases such as Rheumatism, Hoarseness of voice, Catarrh, Anorexia, Excessive sweating.

Alpinia calcarata / Snap ginger / Heen araththa

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