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From ancient times, Sri Lankan people have been accustomed to drinking medicinal and delicious beverages. Mostly, They are prepared from herbs that can be found from the surroundings. The medicinal value of these is very high. As a result, Most people did not suffer from current diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

We know that all parts of the bael tree are used for medicinal purposes. Of those, The bael flower can be known as one of the most popular bael tree part among local people with many health benefits.

Bael Flower drink is often found in Sri Lankan streets in Poya days to relieve fatigue and provide physical stimulation of people who are travelling. That kind of works mostly can be seen as a free service arranging by philanthropic peoples.

By the time the bael flowers fall to the ground, the local people have been accustomed to clean the ground, collect the falling bael flowers, wash them well and dry under the sunlight for later use. Well-dried bael flowers are boiled and then drinks with Jaggery ( kithul hakuru ).

The habit of drinking bael flower is unchanged in the history of the Sinhalese and the indigenous medical history of the ancient kings of Sri Lanka.

The four or five petals of 6–8 mm overlap in the bud. Flowers usually appear with young leaves. The ovary is bright green. The flowers are 1.5 to 2 cm in size. Colours can be seen in pale green or yellowish. It has a sweet aroma. Once dried, turns brown.


01. Bael flower drink helps to prevent stomach upset and vomiting

02. Bael flower is a drink that relieves thirst and exhaustion.

03. Boiled water of bael flowers are also used for steam massages.

04. It’s a favourite drink among females because it’s properties for promoting skin health and beauty.

05. Makes the body cool and reduces the diseases caused by high body temperature

06. It is an herbal drink that enhances appetite

07. It is an excellent medicine to control body odor

08. It is an excellent remedy for pitta dosha

09. Controls formation of pimple, scars and watha raktha dosha

10. Good medicinal drink for vitiligo and Psoriasis

Scientific classification

Kingdom – Plantae
Clade – tracheophytes
Clade – Angiosperms
Clade – Eudicots
Clade – Rosids
Order – Sapindales
Family – Rutaceae
Genus – Aegle
Species – A. Marmelos
Binomial name – Aegle marmelos

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