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By now, We know that the fruit, leaf, root, flowers and stem of the bael fruit tree are all used for medicinal purposes and for medicinal drinks.

Also, Bael fruit tree leaves are the most prominent of these. Bael leaves with many medicinal properties have been a popular herbal medicine from ancient times to the present day. Also, there is a good aroma of bael leaf.

¶ As a food 👇

Wash the young leaf and finely chop them, Add the red onion, lime and prepare it as a sambol and add to the diet. It is a true remedy for intestines problems, stomach upset and gastritis ( AMLA PITTA ).

¶ Juice of bael leaf 👇

+ Consuming bael leaf juice with pepper is also beneficial for diabetics.

+ Bael leaf juice is used for eye diseases such as nethrabhishyanda.

+ Also, the juice of bael leaf is very beneficial for mucus problems

+ For people with severe body odour, juice of bael leaf is an excellent medicine

+ Bael leaf juice is also widely used in liver diseases

¶ Instead of Tea 👇

+ Dry bael leaf in the air, prepare them as a powder and can use instead of tea. It is beneficial for gastritis ( amla pitta ) and cools the body.

¶ It is also used for covering steam

Bael leaf is also used as a painkiller and also used for swelling.

¶ In the case of headaches, lime leaf and coriander leaves are used to boil for covering steam to the face

In the video contain below is a medicinal drink made from bael leaf

Way of Making: Get some bael leaf and wash them thoroughly, add some water as much as it needs and boil it well and drink


01. Relieves body pain

02. Good for urinary

03. Beneficial for kidney

04. Good for fever

05. Boosting immunity

Scientific classification

Kingdom – Plantae
Clade – tracheophytes
Clade – Angiosperms
Clade – Eudicots
Clade – Rosids
Order – Sapindales
Family – Rutaceae
Genus – Aegle
Species – A. Marmelos
Binomial name – Aegle marmelos

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