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Dry cough can be identified as a common health problem in everyday life. Most of the time, People use syrup or some antibiotics. Now a lot of people are trying to get away from this.

If such a health problem can be solved by using a combination of natural remedies instead of using chemical medicines, it is good luck.

There are many treatments for these health problems in traditional natural medicines. But what we are going to show you today is a simple treatment that can be done at home most easily.


01. Productive Cough

02. Non Productive Cough

A productive cough produces phlegm or mucus. A nonproductive cough, also known as a dry cough, doesn’t produce phlegm or mucus.

Dry Cough

A dry cough refers to a cough that does not produce mucus.

Simple Treatment for dry cough

Ingredients Required 👇

01. Liquorice

02. Honey

Traditional Tip ( Use betel leaf to mix )

Mix the powdered liquorice with honey, as in the video below and gently keep it in the centre of the tongue and let it to sink slowly along your throat.

• This traditional medicine is also used to make the voice sweet

Also, You can try, Gargle throat with salt and hot water.


Honey is a unique gift from nature to mankind. Honey is also a true natural antibiotic. In treating diseases, Ayurvedic medicine uses honey as a supplement with many medicines. Honey has the ability to quickly spread other drug’s medicinal properties when mixed with it.


Liquorice is also known as licorice One of the essential herbal in indigenous medicines. it is known as effective for any medicinal purpose in Ayurveda. but, not recommend with western medicines.

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